Small beautifully designed illustrated book with an essay by the late Michael Stone on Zen and Yoga practice in everyday life with drawings by Emilie Lindsten.


"My heart is beating. Your heart is beating. All our hearts are beating. And they are equal. There is a bird out there, on the other side of our window. Her heart is beating so fast. The streetcar hums along, attached to those wires. Those wires run all the way to the nuclear plant. And there are fish swimming around the plant who have little heartbeats and big eyes that always look like they’re teary. They are all equal to you."


11.2 cm x 17.5 cm

Author : Michael Stone

Illustrated : Emilie Lindsten

Designed and published by Andreas Vermehren Holm and Forlaget Virkelig, 2017

Let the Heat Kill You


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