"Teabowl enhances the taste, the satiated taste, aesthetic and sensational taste. Is an object with which we spend time. The physical presence affects even when not using it. Standing, and being next to us every day, produces an aura of calm, after which we can always reach for brewing tea. Then the visual experience is combined with the spiritual in harmony.


Pot/ Vessel is the archetype of support, carrying, it is designed to bring out the qualities of tea, it should definitely not quench them. It is amazing to me that it is about working without any coercion or putting on a previously conceived vision. All I am trying to do is not to disturb, not design, on the contrary, accept what I participate in."  by Tomasz



Artist : Tomasz Niedziółka

Material : Wood Fired Ceramic 

Dimensions :  Diameter 13cm Height 7cm

Handmade in Poland


Please note :

This is a hand-crafted piece.

Size, motif and shape may vary. We guarantee however, that each item we stock is aesthetically satisfying. We hope you appreciate its uniqueness.

Wood-Fired Chawan by Tomasz Niedziółka