RYOKO formulated 100% natural plant-based diya oil, and bottling in a recyclable brown glass. 

Two variations, unscented and scented, are available.


[ Unscented ]

Derived from all natural plant sources, mainly from avocado and mustard seeds, the botanical oil for diya lamp is non-toxic and does not release unwanted chemicals into the air unlike petroleum-based oils.


M 250 ml 

L 500 ml


[ Scented ]

Formulated with all natural essential oils on top of our pure botanical oil as a base, it is a mix of purifying sage, sacred myrrh, energising basil and peace-inducing patchouli. The therapeutic scent brings you a comfort and warm protection.

Light up your space, dive into the scents and cleanse your aura and surroundings. 


S 100 ml 

M 250 ml

ディヤ・ランプ用 ボタニカルオイル