Handcrafted silk scarf naturally dyed in the Australian Outback.


Unique colors, patterns as well as the therapeutical benefits of the wild leaves, flowers and other natural materials are directly transmitted onto the silk;  in a traditional ecological method. 


Best worn directly on the skin, the scarf can be wrapped around sensitive areas such as kidney or throat. The medicinal herbs on this scarf heal us as much through the skin and eyes; as they do through ingesting. 


The fine Habotai Silk keeps us warm while allowing the skin to breath. 




Maker: Avantgardenlife Rust & Eco

Material: Habotai Silk

Rusted silk on copper rod with marigolds, onion skins

Size: 144 x 27 cm


All plants are sustainably wildcrafted in the Australian desert.

Hand-crafted in Australia.


Please note that this is a hand-crafted unique piece - each has a different motif and colour - if you want to choose ones from the current availabilities, please write us at mail@ryoko-berlin.com  We will then send you some pictures.

Australian Rust & Eco Natural Dyed Silk Scarf #02


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