Made from slaked lime, recycled and crushed terracotta and spun copper, each piece is hand crafted. Cured and finished with locally sourced bees wax.


Nested inside a copper vessel, the tea light emits a soft glow while simultaneously warming the water and essential oil in the basin above filling the room with fragrance.


Dimensions : 9.5 x 9.5 x H 7.5 cm

Made in India

It contains a lime block, an aroma dish and a candle holder


  • Place the tealight candle into the copper vessel and set it within the cast lime block. Place the copper basin on top of the block so that its base slides into place. Fill the copper basin with water and add a few drops of your choice of essential oil.

  • We find beauty in the marks of unique character, subtle variations of grain, figure, and texture inherent in materials that deepen through use and patinate over time.

    [ Copper Aroma Dish ]
    Copper will patinate with use. Over time, soot may build up from the candle. The copper basin can be gently cleaned using any dishwashing liquid.

    [ Lime Block ]
    Handle the cast lime block with care, it should only be wiped with a dry cloth. Lime is a natural material and small imperfections in the lime are part of the unique beauty.